Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Here's one I prepared earlier ...

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to get enthused again about non-adhesive bindings. Caren Florance, a local letterpress printer, bookbinder and book-arts teacher, gathered about 20 of us for a short workshop in which we played around with long stitch bindings. It was a great evening with a sociable bunch of artists, binders and calligraphers and quite a contrast to my fairly hermetic (heremitic?) studio practice. We each produced a binding with limp covers made from recycled leather aprons. Mine was absolute rubbish so this week's photograph is of a long-stitch binding that I made a while ago (but could have made at Caren's workshop if I'd spent less time chatting and more time concentrating).


  1. you spent an evening canoodling with calligraphers? and you escaped alive? hee hee heee

  2. Not only escaped alive but coming back for more as part of 'Handwritten Handbound', an exhibition of works by calligraphers and bookbinders that opens at the Belconnen Arts Centre on Friday 19 October.