Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I am curious ...

I started a new piece this week - working title I am curious ... . It's come from a curator's invitation to prepare something wall-hung for a possible artists' books exhibition at the end of 2012. The curator will be working with a gallery that is mostly used for showing paintings so lots of wall space but a less-than-ideal number of plinths and cases.
After working through the usual design anxieties about form, proportions and dimensions and frustrations over prototypes and prototype details that don't work as intended, I plunged in yesterday. Lots of activity cutting sheets of box board; becoming familiar with the properties of a new (for me) Spanish bookcloth; and working out how best to use the hundred or so paint swatches from my local hardware store that will be at the core of the work. So far, so good (I think)!


  1. Sounds fascinating Terence! I am collecting paint swatches of the many colours of white/grey we have woken to up here on the mountain this year - too many morning whiteouts - but a book is underway...

  2. The subtleties of white/grey sound appealing and I look forward to following your progress on this one too.