Sunday, 16 December 2012

Booked and Bound - 3

Just back from a few weeks out bush in time to wrap up the 'Booked and Bound' postings before Christmas. This one is to a design by Dee Carrington that she calls her 'Tags and Pockets' book. Although the materials used are a little too 'floral' for my male liking, I found the structure intriguing and would like to explore it further at some stage. The spine consists of a series of dowels with each signature (the plain green bits in the photo at left) wrapped around and attached to one of these dowels. The dowels are then joined by the use of wrap around pieces (the narrow patterned bands in the photo) that each attach to two consecutive signatures. The whole is then held in place by cords interlaced around the dowels at the head and tail of the book. It was by far the most complicated of the books on offer at the Mogo weekend and I must say that I was impressed not only with Dee's ability to conceive a work of such complexity but also to teach it to others.

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