Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Booked and Bound - 2

This is the second of the three books that I made at the recent Mogo weekend. It's an 'industrial' book to a design by local artist Amanda Williams, who coordinated the weekend and ran a number of the workshops. What I particularly like about this book is the treatment of the cover boards. The boards have been covered with 0.15mm aluminium shim, which was distressed by beating with a texture hammer. Alcohol based ink was then applied to the beaten shim with a felt pad. When the ink was dry, the shim surface was rubbed back with steel wool, leaving a satin finish to the shim and ink residue in the beaten indentations. It's a stunning effect and one that I can imagine using again for the right book. The aluminium shim (available in six colours) came from a Spanish company called Artools.


  1. last weekend I was teaching a workshop in sydney with calligraphy southscribes and one of the lovely ladies there had 3 books (including this one) that she completed at the same mogo workshop - it was great getting to play with her constructions 'in the flesh' - it looked like it was a fun booky weekend!

  2. Beautiful work and a powerful effect. I'll check out Artools right away, I didn't know the site, living in Spain and all!

  3. Great looking book and wonderful finish on the shim - it's a great material to use. I have bought it from craft shops in Aus by mailorder - might be quicker than Spain?