Monday, 23 July 2012

Snap happy

Lots of hours spent this week taking photographs for submissions to a US publisher and three juried exhibitions. The publisher's extremely tight digital image specification has meant lots of research on file formats and much much more - frustrating at the time but satisfying when it all fell into place.  This concentrated effort gave me the excuse I needed to upgrade some of my photographic equipment. I've invested in some new (larger) backcloths and basic studio lights and am reasonably satisfied with the results. It all still happens on the dining room table but  the colour rendition is much improved and the images crisper and clearer. The contrast between this image of Babushka Boxes and one that I used in an earlier post makes me feel that the upgrade has been worthwhile.


  1. because of my ever present high level of poverty I've always had to battle on the best I can with my gear - but I'd love to hear more about the new photographic things you've invested in (I can dream can't I....)

  2. Looks like a good investment Terence - this is great shot of these beautiful books/boxes. Like Ronnie I'd love to shear what you've done - i battle on with my little digital canon and a few sheets of paper or sheets!

  3. I've just put up a post 'On Photographing Books' which provides a bit more information on what I've done.