Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The trouble with snails ...

The trouble with snails is that they are unreliable workers. Faced with a need for fifteen copies of a book that needed to look as if it had been buried in the forest for a couple of years, I turned to my local gastropods, Helix hortensis, for a bit of help. I felt sure that they would give my books that chewed around the edges look I was looking for - after all, they do this to my mail all the time. No such luck! They nibbled a small patch in the corner of one of the books in the first few hours and then nothing more for the next week. I've given up, sacked the lot of them and done this distressing work myself with cotton tips, water, scalpel, fingernail, sandpaper and hammer. Nothing more than a small setback but it has slowed down the edition a little.


  1. So hard to get reliable help these days isn't it? Worth a try tho I reckon!

  2. Absolutely! The snails must have seen me coming. There are usually dozens of the critters hanging around waiting to eat my mail but the day I went looking, I could only find four scrawny specimens.