Tuesday, 28 February 2012

If you go down to the woods today ...

In a previous post, I wrote that the starting point for my contribution to BAO4 would be the possibility that one of Sarah's stories had been recovered from the forest.
To put myself in the right frame of mind for this possibility, I've decided that the production phase of the edition should happen in a forest. I'm afraid the project budget doesn't allow for a trip to a forest in northern Denmark, so I've settled on a spotted gum forest on the south coast of New South Wales, a couple of hours drive from home. I've set up a small work table with a cutting mat and a tray of hand tools and have been hard at it for almost a week now. With only kangaroos for company, my one distraction is a nearby beach when the weather is sunny or the surf is up. The edition is progressing well.


  1. That looks tough working in such a beautiful environment! You couldn't help but be inspired.
    Look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. You're absolutely right, Helen. If there's one place in the world to which I feel a particular attachment, it's this patch of forest. It's been part of me for a long time and I can't believe that these will be the first of my books to have been made here.

  3. I love that you upped sticks and went bush- how beautiful! I hope it was a wonderful teaching/learning/doing time.

  4. It was a wonderful experience and it's only now that I'm back (temporarily) in 'civilisation' that I can appreciate just how wonderful. Also incredibly productive.