Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It's beginning to hurt

Have begun working on a response to my BookArtObject Edition 4 title, It's beginning to hurt. I started with a reflection on the nature of hurt, both physical (trauma, illness, aging) and emotional (separation, alienation, grief, remorse, embarrassment). This led to a bit of a dead end as I realised that the hurt I've suffered is either too raw or too personal to share and that the hurt of others is not mine to draw upon.
I stepped back and thought more broadly about the edition as a whole; about the conceit of producing a-book-about-a-book-about-a-book; and about how this conceit could be manipulated in a way that brought the title into play. The end result is a decision to take as my starting point the possibility that one of Sarah Bodman's stories has been recovered from the forest. The task I have now set myself is to document this recovery in some way. I've done a few sketches, made a couple of prototypes and am now at the point where I feel that I'm just about ready to commit!

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