Friday, 27 September 2013

Bind Challenge - 4

The Bind Challenge rolls on and the third of my four books has now been completed. It's a response to the query "What were you doing in the year of your 21st birthday and where did you live, work and play?"
The book Letters from Alice draws on memories of time spent as a vacation student in the Australian outback town of Alice Springs. What was intended to be a grand adventure turned out to be a lonely excursion into a racist world where difference was despised and where changing the status quo was never an option.
Like books one and two, it's a drum leaf binding. It will be the smallest of the project's four books, measuring just 65mm x 65mm.

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  1. Oh now that sounds interesting. There was a movie once called "A Town Called Alice". I don't exactly remember the plot but I do remember it seemed really out there and lonely! I hope you will post some of the spreads from it so we can all see it.