Friday, 28 September 2012

Grinding away

After the distractions of the last couple of weeks, I've returned to the grind of editioning Curtains, satisfied that my problems are behind me.
The first copy of the edition has been completed and delivered to Sydney for an exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW that will open at the end of October. That's it on the left in its plain paper wrapper (I can't give too much away until after the exhibition opening).
The forwarding work on copies 2-7 is done and there's about one day's forwarding work remaining on copies 8-10. After this, another two or three days should see all ten copies finished, apart from slipcases and packaging. My aim now is to get the edition done and dusted a couple of weeks before the exhibition opens so I can begin tending to the ideas for new works that are backing up in my brain.


  1. I'm very pleased v3.0 worked for you! I am so looking forward to receiving my copy - and hearing the full story of it's making and meaning. Can you pl explain 'forwarding work' for me? It seems to be a bookbinding specific term perhaps?

  2. Shouldn't be too long now Fiona! Traditionally 'forwarding' is all the work done up to the point where a book is ready to have its covers added and decorated (gathering the signatures; folding, assembling nd sewing the sections; rounding and backing; ploughing the head, tail and foredge; fitting the headbands and spine linings etc). I've used the term loosely here to cover all the work done apart from the final assembly.