Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bind Date - 5

After a fortnight away from the bindery, it's now time to wrap up a couple of unfinished projects so that I can start 2014 with nothing hanging over my head. First up is the last part of the Bind Challenge. The task has been to make a book that draws on something I was passionate about in my early twenties and about which I remain passionate today. The result is a drum leaf binding of a series of extracts from Le Corbusier's Le PoĆ«me de l'Angle Droit that capture my enduring fascination with things French, inspiring architecture and the works of Euclid. This and my other three Challenge books (Riders on the Storm, Paisley World and Letters from Alice) are now wrapped in plain paper, ready to be handed over anonymously for 'blind judging' next week.

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