Saturday, 9 November 2013

BookArtObject Exhibition

Slack, slack, slack! There's no other way to describe the paucity of posts. Sure there's been lots of busyness but that's no excuse. I'll try and do a bit of a catch up over the next few days, starting with the BookArtObject exhibition that opened a few weeks ago at UNSW Canberra. Co-curated this one with Ampersand Duck who has written about it here with lots of photos here.
The exhibition's 'poster child' (left) is Making Bread (not bombs), a fabulous flag book by Canadian artist Tara Bryan. The exhibition runs until 28 November.

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  1. I've been very slack too, with just about everything, including everything blog-related. Belated thanks for co-curating the show. I couldn't come see it, since I'm on another continent, but was delighted to have my books included. It's obvious from the pictures (and the rave review I got from a friend in Canberra who is not a bookmaker) that you both did a great job with it. It must've been a lot of work. Thank you.