Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bad Gallery v Good Gallery

Bad Gallery: I once sent a book off for exhibition and heard nothing more of it until it was returned at the end of the exhibition with a fresh grease stain on the front cover and missing most of the purpose designed packaging materials that were designed to protect the book in transit.
Good Gallery: One of my recent works is currently included in the 2013 Libris Awards exhibition at Artspace Mackay. This gallery's dealings with me (and I presume the other exhibiting artists) have been impeccable. I was advised that my work had arrived, invited to the exhibition opening, provided with details of the exhibition awards almost as soon as they were announced and, last week, forwarded links to photographs of the opening, general shots of the works as displayed and individual shots of each of the works in the exhibition (the latter can be checked out here). As well as all that, I'm delighted that my piece has been displayed to advantage (above). Well done Artspace!

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