Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mental arithmetic

The forwarding part of many editions involves lots of repetitive, not-especially complex tasks that don't require a lot of concentration. The risk of error is relatively low and the challenge is to avoid becoming too bored. My mind inevitably wanders and I find myself making multiple mental calculations of how far into the task I am and how much remains to be done.
This edition of 10 will use a total of 180 paper covered and 180 cloth covered tiles. Two passes of the board cutter are needed to make each tile (720 passes); the paper and cloth covers are then cut with a craft knife or rotary cutter (360 cuts); the covers pasted on to the tiles (360 pastings); the corners of each cover trimmed for turning in (1440 trimmings); and each of the cover sides turned in  (1440 turn-ins). If I allow a 5% overrun for the inevitable mistakes I make and the flaws I find, I will have performed in excess of 4500 separate operations before I get to assembly and finishing.


  1. Oh Terence it scares me to think of this - the maths is spooky! I am sure we all end up with such a lot of processes and steps; but I would fear to ever calculate them. On the other hand, thank you for doing so and giving me some insight into the work.

  2. It is terrifying isn't it - particularly when you change your mind part way through (see my 30 August post). My guess is that the number of 'pre-finishing' operations is up around 7000 now!