Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Babushka Boxes

For the next little while, I thought that I would mix up some works from my archive with work-in-progress reports on BookArtObject Edition 4 and other projects. First up is something from the archive.

About this time last year, I came across some vintage Japanese cottons that triggered memories of the babushka apron patterns found on the painted figures of traditional Russian matryoshka nested dolls that had fascinated me as a child. I subsequently wrote a short meditation on the delights of nested objects, bound the work with a simple case binding and then made a series of seven nested boxes to house the book. The finished work, Babushka Boxes, was part of a group exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in late 2011.


  1. These look so beautiful and I love the story around them, What a treasure to find that wee little book after all that un-boxing. Fabulous!

  2. Thanks Fiona. I must admit I love making boxes so seven in a row was a great pleasure.